Game Server Rules

Terms Of Service
Thank you for choosing to play Dairy Farm Simulator. You must read the Terms Of Service carefully as people don't read the fine print and get caught out. Breaching these Terms Of Service will result in the following action: Your IP Address Blocked, All accounts disabled and removed, All farm assets will be sold in a foreclosure sale.

1. You are limited to ONE user account per game server.
2. NO REFUNDS on any purchasable premium game credits and add-ons.
3. PDF GAME CREDITS are not transferable.
4. NO ROBOTS, NO CUTSOM AUTOMATION SOFTWARE! We have a strict policy regarding this. This will be consider as hacking and cheating.
5. NO CHEATING OR HACKING THE GAME! That is what Premium Credits are for to give you a better advantage in the game.
6. ACCOUNT SHARING is not allowed. Each user must have their own user account.
7. NO DISPOSABLE EMAIL ADDRESSES! A disposable email address is used for may purposes including spamming systems. This not only fills up our system with with users with disposable emails but also makes it difficult for users to perform functions like request to rest password.

Dairy Farm Simulator has a strict Privacy Policy. All information we collect is for billing and statistical purposes only. We aim to make sure that all information collected and held by Dairy Farm Simulator will be secure as possible and contain little information that can't be used to identify you.

Our Sponsors

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