Howdy Farmer!

We would like to welcome you to Dairy Farm Simulator.

What is Dairy Farm Simulator?
Dairy Farm Simulator is a text based web browser game where you the player design and control your very own virtual dairy farm.

What is different about Dairy Farm Simulator?
Dairy Farm Simulator is all about being different when it comes to dairy farming. What makes us different is that we focus on the little details and give the player the freedom to do more than other games.

Who can play Dairy Farm Simulator?
Well just about everyone. We don't have a set target of people to play this game. We sometimes get real life farmers playing this game as well and other times people have been looking for a game like this for a long time. We made this game as simple and easy to use and provide detailed support information is you get stuck.

Our Mission
Here at Dairy Farm Simulator, our mission is to create a game that only focuses on the dairy industry while making it realistic as possible.

How much does it cost and what do I need to download?
Dairy Farm Simulator is FREE to play and NO DOWNLOADING REQUIRED! All you need is an updated web browser.
You like to have those extras, no problem. We have the option for people to purchase game credits to unlock add-ons and features. We also accept donations.

Why play Dairy Farm Simulator?
Dairy Farm Simulator is a great game and we have a great community.

If you are still not sure about Dairy Farm Simulator, then this short demo introduction promotional video of the game might enlighten you.

Our Sponsors

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